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February 15, 2019
1. UTPB announces new Dean of the College of Education

Thursday, Dr. Larry G. Daniel was selected as the new dean of the College of Education at the University of Texas Permian Basin effective July 1. Dr. Daniel comes to UTPB after serving as dean and professor in the Zucker Family School of Education at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. Daniel is an educational leader focused on building excellence in faculty and academic programs. “The College of Education is blessed with excellent academic programs and a thoroughly engaged faculty and staff. I look forward to working with the faculty to address the needs of current and future educators and to serve the educational community of the Permian Basin and beyond,” Dr. Daniel said. In his 39 years as an educator, Dr. Daniel has worked with students ranging from middle school through advanced graduate levels. He has served as a higher education administrator for the past 21 years, including 15 years as an academic dean.

Published in: KWES - Midland, Texas - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 15, 2019
2. Lowcountry Weekend: Storm The Citadel gives students a hands-on learning experience

As seen on WCSC – Live 5 News The Citadel’s STEM Center for Excellence and Google give students from elementary school to college a hands-on learning experience at the annual Storm The Citadel event. In an interview with Live 5 News, Ron Welch, Dean of Engineering at The Citadel, says in part, “It makes my heart warm and it also gives me hope, because I’m seeing the future.”

Watch here

Published in: The Citadel Today - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 15, 2019
3. Citadel cadets will change companies after freshmen year starting in 2020

A shakeup to a Citadel tradition is underway as the Military College of South Carolina shifts away from how it currently handles cadet company assignments. While the new president of the college calls this a refinement of the school’s practices, some former graduates are disappointed in the change. Starting with the 2020-2021 school year, The Citadel will begin assigning rising sophomore cadets to different companies than the ones they were placed with during their freshmen year. The changes come under the leadership of The Citadel’s new president, General Glenn Walters. In a message to The Citadel family posted online, the president said the change is intended to balance the number of cadets in each company. However, some former graduates are disappointed with the change. “The Citadel is modernizing, which is fantastic, which is absolutely necessary,” 2007 alumnus Josh Harpe said. “But changing the companies after their freshmen year, that’s something more for the service academies, and The Citadel is not a service academy.”

On air coverage:
Live 5 News at 6
Live 5 News at 5

Published in: WCSC - Live 5 News - Online / Broadcast
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February 15, 2019
4. Opinion: Wearing white at SOTU was a symbol of united purpose
The Post and Courier recently reported on viral Instagram and Facebook posts by state Rep. Nancy Mace that were critical of Democratic women in Congress who dressed in white for the recent State of the Union address as a show of solidarity and united purpose. Rep. Mace saw that as something that “set women back.” She said, “As women we make a fundamental mistake when we make our identity as women the WHOLE story. The point of breaking glass ceilings is so that, after they’re broken, it doesn’t matter anymore.” She also said, “We don’t need to dress alike. We don’t need to think alike. We don’t need to act alike. We simply need to be present and be working for ALL of the people who elected us.” I’ve quoted Rep. Mace more extensively than I usually do in a responsive opinion column because I understand and respect her opinion. I also celebrate the courage and persistence that she displayed when she shattered a glass ceiling and became the first woman to graduate from The Citadel. I also, however, respectfully offer Rep. Mace a little food for thought. She not only proved her worth and ability at The Citadel — she also wore a cadet uniform that symbolized success in and victory over a shared crucible of discipline, loyalty and commitment. One of my deceased friends who was an early black Citadel graduate said something profound about his cadet experience. He said, “The first black cadets faced opposition, resentment and outright racism, but the one thing that we had in common with all cadets was the uniform.” It was a symbol of shared — if somewhat grudging and elusive — unity of purpose and commitment.
Published in: The Post and Courier - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 15, 2019
5. Warren, Watchung, Long Hill students earn college honors
Matthew Ransom of Warren earned Gold Star honors for the fall 2018 semester at The CITADEL in CHARLESTON, S.C. Gold stars are awarded to cadets and students who achieve a GPA of 3.7 or higher and are also placed on the schools Deans List. Mitchell DiPaolo of Warren earned Deans List honors for the fall 2018 semester at The CITADEL. To be eligible, cadets and students must be enrolled for at least 12 semester hours and earn a GPA of 3.2 or higher with no grade of I (Incomplete) and no grade below C for work.
Published in: Echoes-Sentinel - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 15, 2019
6. Former Citadel star Dee Delaney reaches NFL, keeps promise to school custodian
The elevator doors opened, and former Citadel All-American Dee Delaney wheeled a beach-cruiser bicycle into the school’s football office. Waiting there was Curtis Carter, a longtime custodian at the military school and one of the first friends Delaney made at The Citadel. “I promised you a bike my freshman year, and here it is,” Delaney said. “I love it, man,” Carter answered. Delaney was a freshman from the tiny town of Seabrook in Beaufort County when he came to The Citadel in 2013. But Carter, who has worked in The Citadel’s athletic facilities for almost 30 years, saw something special in the nervous knob. “When I got here my freshman year, Curtis told me, ‘I see something in you. You are going to play in the NFL with my team, the Jets,’” Delaney recalled this week. “I just liked how he always said to me, ‘I hope you are still working, because you are going to play in the league.’” Carter’s words came true as Delaney blossomed into an All-American cornerback for the Bulldogs, graduating from The Citadel before transferring to Miami for his final college season. Just as he did Curtis’ words of encouragement, Delaney carries the lessons learned at The Citadel. “It’s the discipline, and doing the little things,” he said. “You have to get up and make your bed, shine your shoes and do the little things that teach you about life. You are never too big to do the small things in life, and it’s those small things that will get you big things. I think about that every day.”
Published in: The Post and Courier - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 15, 2019
7. Tisdale scores 29, helps ETSU hold off The Citadel 91-83

For long stretches on Thursday night, The Citadel basketball team resembled the one that started the season by winning nine of its first 11 games. Zane Najdawi scored inside and out, as did point guard Lew Stallworth. With Matt Frierson out with illness, Kaiden Rice rained in 3-pointers. But in the end, it wasn’t enough at ETSU. The Bucs became the fourth Southern Conference team with 20 wins this season, turning a halftime deficit into a 91-83 victory at Freedom Hall in Johnson City, Tenn. It was The Citadel’s best 3-point shooting performance since the Bulldogs made 23 of 40 (57.5 percent) in a 112-87 win over High Point on Nov. 27. “That team resembled the pre-Christmas team, was a lot more like the 9-2 team,” said Bulldogs coach Duggar Baucom, whose team led by 46-40 at halftime. “And that’s the first glimpse we’ve had of that. We can win more games with that effort and execution.”

Also covered by The Associated Press and shared in multiple publications

Published in: The Post and Courier - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 15, 2019
Bison Athletics introduces new football coach, David Cecchini
Dave Cecchini was introduced as the new Bison head football coach on Feb. 9 at an introductory press conference at the University’s Graham Building. Cecchini takes over for Joe Susan, who resigned in January after a nine-year tenure with the University’s football team. As a former Lehigh Mountain Hawk wide receiver and assistant coach, Cecchini is no stranger to the Patriot League. Also prior to joining the Bison coaching staff, he was the head coach at Valparaiso University as well as an assistant coach at Harvard University, The Citadel, and The Military College of South Carolina. He has coached current NFL players, including Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick during his time at Harvard and New York Jets wide receiver Andre Roberts during his time at The Citadel. Roberts tweeted out his support for Cecchini as soon as he heard of the news on Feb. 6.
Published in: The Bucknellian - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 15, 2019

Unfavorable weekend weather forecasts have prompted officials at Western Carolina University to make several schedule alterations for its outdoor events slated for this weekend. Rain is expected both Friday evening through Saturday morning with the latest indications of more precipitation on Saturday night through the day on Sunday. Western Carolina men’s basketball hosts The Citadel Bulldogs in Southern Conference play at the Ramsey Center with tip-off at 2:00 pm as scheduled. Fans can follow the game with a live television broadcast on ESPN+ as well as WMYA-TV, My40 across Western North Carolina. The radio broadcast through the Catamount Sports Network can be heard on 105.7 FM / 540 AM WRGC, The River in Sylva, WWCU-FM Power 90dot5 in Cullowhee, and online at

Also covered by The Associated Press and shared in multiple publications

Published in: Catamount Athletics - Online
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February 14, 2019
1. New Presidents or Provosts: The Citadel, Colorado School of Mines, Elizabethtown College, Fordham U, Gonzaga U, and more

Sally Selden, provost and vice president for academic affairs at the University of Lynchburg, in Virginia, has been selected as provost and dean of the college at the Citadel, in South Carolina.

Published in: Inside Higher Ed - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 14, 2019
1a. Citadel freshman cadets in jeopardy: The 2019 Citadel Math Jeopardy Contest

After two rounds of math questions, lasting just over two hours, team “Crystal Math” went home with the first place prize. This year, three teams made up of 11 cadets competed in the event. “Floating Point Integers” came in second place and “Fracturing Fractals” placed third. The topics covered in the competition included: Lazy Day Limits, Allegedly Difficult Antiderivatives, Intriguing Intervals, and Continuity Curiosities. The Math Jeopardy Contest for Freshmen is hosted by The Department of Mathematical Sciences. Those who compete are generally studying a variety of majors, ranging from Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering and more.

Published in: The Citadel Today - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 14, 2019
1b. Storm The Citadel brings students together for various competitions

Storm The Citadel is an event where students in K-12 and college visit The Citadel campus to compete in trebuchet, bridge building, Lego robotics and water bottle rocket competitions. Storm The Citadel was held on Saturday, Feb. 9. Storm The Citadel is co-hosted by Google and The Citadel STEM Center of Excellence along with the School of Engineering, Zucker Family School of Education and the School of Science and Mathematics. The event promotes science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and allows students to use the skills they learn in the classroom in a new and exciting way.

Published in: Moultrie News - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 14, 2019
3. AUSA Charleston Chapter General Membership Meeting

Where: The Holliday Alumni Center, The Citadel, 69 Hagood Avenue, Charleston, SC 29409When: March 4, 2019 | 04:00pmSpeaker: Lieutenant General (RET) Pat McQuistion | AUSA VP Membership & MeetingFull LTG McQuistion Bio

Published in: Eventbu - Online
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February 14, 2019
4. How the Word Liberalism Came to Mean Its Opposite
Over time, words sometimes change their meanings or connotations. Think of the words naughty and nice. Apparently, naughty originally meant to have or be nothing (naught or zero), but then it took on the extra sense of something being worth nothing, until finally a person who was considered worth nothing became a bad individual, or at least someone who is mischievous — as in, what a “naughty boy,” with an accompanying wink. On the other hand, a nice person, it seems, early on meant someone who was ignorant, but then took on the added meanings of being a silly or foolish person. By the 1700s, it had its more current meanings of an agreeable or pleasant person. Though it can be used sarcastically — for instance, with the phrase “Oh, yeah, that’s ‘real nice’” meaning something said or done that is rude, disrespectful, or nasty toward another. The same thing has happened with the word liberalism. Friends and foes have changed its meaning several times over the last couple of centuries, and in the eyes of some its content and connotation have been transformed beyond recognition. Richard M. Ebeling, an AIER Senior Fellow, is the BB&T Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Free Enterprise Leadership at The Citadel, in Charleston, South Carolina. Ebeling lived on AIER's campus from 2008 to 2009.
Published in: AIER American Institute for Economic Research - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 14, 2019
5. Briefs
Rebekah Earhart of Salida was among 446 cadets and students awarded gold stars for the fall semester at The Citadel in Charleston, S.C. Gold stars are awarded to cadets and students at The Citadel who achieved a 3.7 grade-point average or higher. Cadets and students who achieve gold star recognition are also placed on The Citadel’s dean’s list, according to a press release. The Citadel offers a classic military college education focused on leadership excellence and academic distinction.
Published in: The Mountain Mail - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 14, 2019
6. NFL player Dee Delaney surprises Citadel custodian with new bike

A promise made, and a promise kept. When Dee Delaney was a freshman at The Citadel, he told custodian Curtis Carter he’d one day buy for him a bicycle. Delaney, now a 2nd-year NFL player for the Miami Dolphins, made good Tuesday on those words he uttered six years ago. The Beaufort County native brought the bike to Carter while visiting his alma mater Tuesday.

Watch the clip here.

Published in: WCIV - ABC News 4 - Online / Broadcast
(view article) (no cache available)

February 14, 2019
Bucs out to end losing streak with Citadel coming to town
East Tennessee State enters its next game on a rare losing streak, and it’s something coach Steve Forbes wants to end right away. The Bucs, who play host to The Citadel at 7 p.m. Thursday in a Southern Conference basketball game at Freedom Hall, are coming off losses to Wofford and Furman. Those results left them in a third-place tie with virtually no chance to win the league’s regular-season title. The Bulldogs have lost 10 of their last 12 games, but they’re coming off a 67-61 victory over Mercer. Points should be available on Thursday night. No team in the country allows more than the Citadel. The Bulldogs’ opponents are averaging 85.1 points per game. There are 351 teams listed in the NCAA Division I basketball stats, and that ranks 350th.
Published in: Johnson City Press - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 14, 2019
Western Carolina opens a two-game homestand on Thursday night as the Catamounts celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Liston B. Ramsey Regional Activity Center with a visit from Mercer. Tip-off is scheduled for 7 p.m. Mercer is 8-16 overall and 3-9 in conference play after a 67-61 home setback to The Citadel on Saturday. Ethan Stair was the lone Mercer player to finish in double figures with 19 points. This will be the 17th all-time meeting between the schools with the series tied at 8-8. The Bears defended home court in Macon, Ga. on Jan. 10 with an 84-80 win. Ross Cummings led the Bears with a game-high 36 points as Mercer opened the second half on a 17-0 run and held off a late rally by the Catamounts. The Catamounts welcome The Citadel on Saturday for a 2 p.m. contest.
Published in: Catamount Athletics - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 14, 2019
Dogs vs. Dawgs: UGA to play The Citadel at SRP Park this Spring
SRP Park will host the University of Georgia Bulldogs and The Citadel Bulldogs for a matchup this Spring. The game will kick off at 6:35 p.m. on April 30th. This is the second time the UGA Dawgs will pitch at SRP Park. Tickets go on sale on Friday, Feb. 22nd, at 9 a.m. at the SRP Box Office. Online purchase begins at 10 a.m.
Published in: WRDW - CBS 12 Augusta, Georgia - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 14, 2019
Off The Field With MSU Head Baseball Coach Chris Lemonis
How did you wind up playing for The Citadel after high school? "Around Christmas, we moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina my junior year of high school. I played for a coach who had just graduated from The Citadel, Rick Hardwick. He was my senior year high school coach. I actually got a scholarship to play The Citadel. I went on a visit to The Citadel on a Scholar's Day. Halfway through the day I told my parents that I didn't want to go to school there. So, we left. But my parents still turned in my application. In the spring, I received an academic scholarship to go to The Citadel. I didn't want to go there because I wanted to go to the University of Texas because I had grown up a fan of Texas. But I didn't make a decision until after my senior year. The Citadel coach came to our legion game, saw me play and said I had a spot on his team. I had no other offers and I wanted to continue playing baseball so I went there. I walked into the locker room my first day and couldn't find my nameplate. We walked to the very back and I was the last nameplate. I had a view of the toilet. That is a true story. My dad and I still laugh about that to this day. I was a walkon, probably the bullpen catcher." After your Citadel playing career what did you do? "I could have played Independent League pro ball but I decided not to go. I was a 5-11 first baseman, so I knew my chances of having a pro career. I had the chance to get a job and coach right away, so I took it. I coached high school ball for a year, then got the chance to go back to The Citadel and coach. I coached there for 12 years. I spent my first seven years with Dan McDonnell, who was also an assistant coach there while I was. And my next five I was the recruiting coordinator. Then, when Dan got the Louisville job I went with him as a coach."
Published in: 247 Sports - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 13, 2019
1. The Agenda: Citadel looking at racist yearbook images; S.C. still one of the worst for violence against women

The Citadel will be reviewing its old yearbooks for "racially offensive" images and inserting informational pages that the racist content does not represent the school's values after a handful of images were sent to the National Action Network last week. Source: P&C, ABC

Other coverage includes:

WJHL in Johnson City, Tennessee (syndicated WCBD - Channel 2)

Published in: Charleston City Paper - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 13, 2019
2. Hundreds of students Storm The Citadel for 2019 STEM competition

Students from around the state are celebrating the result of their hard work after a successful showing at the ninth annual Storm The Citadel event. Hundreds of students, from K-12 to college, visited The Citadel campus Feb. 9 to compete in trebuchet, bridge building, robotics and water bottle rocket competitions.

Also covered in The Berkeley Independent, with dozens of photos.

Published in: The Citadel Today - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 13, 2019
3. 23-year-old Councilman Harry Griffin "strongly considering" running for mayor of Charleston
Charleston City Councilman Harry Griffin might throw his hat in the ring in November's race for mayor. In a text message to the City Paper, Griffin said he's seriously thinking about running in the Nov. 5 nonpartisan election. "I'm not ready to discuss my game plan yet," he wrote. "If my aspirations are to run this year, I will make a formal announcement. At this time, I am strongly considering." In a November 2017 run-off election, a 22-year-old Griffin beat opponent Summer Massey for a seat representing West Ashley to become Charleston's youngest councilman "in living memory," according to the city. He is a 2016 graduate of the Citadel and works in project procurement at Neal Brothers, a North Charleston export packing company.
Published in: Charleston City Paper - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 13, 2019
4. College briefs
Logan A. Dix of Tipp City is among the 446 cadets and students recognized for their academic achievements during the fall 2018 semester. Gold stars are awarded to cadets and students at The Citadel who achieved a 3.7 grade point average or higher. Cadets and students who achieve gold star recognition are also placed on The Citadel’s dean’s list.
Published in: Troy Daily News - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 13, 2019
5. Orangeburg County Fair delights kids of all ages for over a century
Food, fun, entertainment and fellowship have been hallmarks of the Orangeburg County Fair for more than a century. The nearly week-long fair, which is held annually in the fall, provides attendees an opportunity to partake of elephant ears, hop on rides that spin, swirl and hurl, play games and view and participate in shows. In addition to rides and food, the fair today features helicopter rides, as well as stunts and musical entertainment. In 1912, the fair's first manager, the late Judge Jerry M. Hughes, secured football to be played at the fair. The University of South Carolina, Clemson University and The Citadel all played at the Orangeburg County Fair at different times beginning in 1916.
Published in: Marietta Daily Journal - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 13, 2019
6. Former Garrett Tech football standout is North Charleston’s mayor for a day
Garrett Tech graduate Trevon Sanders will serve as North Charleston’s Honorary Mayor for the Day on Thursday. Sanders, who was an all-state football player at Garrett Tech, recently completed his college career at Troy University, earning All-Sunbelt Conference honors this past season. Garrett Tech recently retired his jersey. Sanders will join North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey in meetings with various city government officials during the day. He also will attend the City Council meeting that evening. Previous North Charleston honorary mayors have included Nehemiah Broughton, Jr., a North Charleston High School graduate who played football at The Citadel and in the NFL.
Published in: The Post and Courier - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 13, 2019
7. Her meteoric rise to D1 player
After starting organized soccer when she was 13, Powhatan resident Yulia Hayes is signed to play for The Citadel. Hayes currently attends Banner Christian School. She and her Banner Christian Varsity teammates play well, play together and have fun, Hayes said, and the girls on her Strikers team are “amazing, talented” and play well. “It’s just fun to be with them,” she said. “It’s like the group of people you always want to be with.” It was about a year ago when Hayes realized she wanted to go into the military. She was looking into another school as her first option when The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, started following her on the Next College Student Athlete website, which connects student-athletes with college coaches, and then invited her to the camps. “Once I got there, it was like, ‘Oh yeah, this is where I want to be,’” Hayes said.
Published in: Richmond Times-Dispatch - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 13, 2019
8. The Citadel seeks revenge on ETSU
The Citadel (11-12, 3-9) vs. East Tennessee State (19-7, 9-4) Freedom Hall Civic Center, Johnson City, Tennessee; Thursday, 7 p.m. EST BOTTOM LINE: The Citadel seeks revenge on East Tennessee State after dropping the first matchup in Charleston. The teams last played on Jan. 10, when the Buccaneers shot 56.3 percent from the field while holding The Citadel to just 34.7 percent en route to the 98-73 victory.
Published in: Washington Post - Online
(view article) (no cache available)

February 12, 2019
1. The Citadel and NAN meet to address old yearbook images

It was a controversy around the country, photos of the Governor of Virginia, in his yearbook, in a racially insensitive photo. Now, a local college is coming out to say their yearbooks have pictures of people in racially insensitive photos too. Officials with the Citadel are meeting with members of the National Action Network. Elder Johnson with the National Action Network says he was sent old Citadel yearbook photos of people in racially insensitive photos or making racist comments and of course this all follows the controversy facing Virginia state officials. This is something the Citadel has been transparent about while The president addressed the issue in a statement last week and in today's meeting. What could be done to get rid of those pictures could be discussed and that the yearbooks will likely be placed away but a couple of those pictures will be saved and used as teaching devices.

Full Citadel conversation with local media can be seen here:

Published in: WCBD TV-2 (Charleston) - Online
(photo included) (view article) (no cache available)

February 12, 2019
2. Citadel responds to criticism over blackface images in old yearbooks

The Citadel will review its collection of past yearbooks for racially offensive images and, when it deems necessary, will insert information sheets noting the offensive images don’t represent the school’s values. Its announcement came moments after Citadel President Gen. Glenn Walters met with members of the National Action Network, which sought the meeting after cadets alerted the civil rights group to the images. James Johnson, president of the local NAN chapter, praised the move. “I think it was a good and fruitful meeting,” Johnson said. “This is a victory for everybody.” Virginia’s politics have been roiled for more than a week over whether Gov. Ralph Northam posed in blackface and whether he should resign as a result. Last week, Walters sent out a message to The Citadel’s community acknowledging that some disturbing racist images are part of the school’s past, specifically singling out old yearbooks (known as The Sphinx).

Published in: The Post and Courier - Online
(photo included) (view article) (no cache available)

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