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September 4, 2015
1. A missing Civil War sword, rediscovered in Ottawa
Charles C. Tew was a very famous Southern son. He was the first honor grad of The Citadel military academy. He was in the first class to graduate and he became the president of the alumni and also a professor at the school. He went on to co-found the Arsenal Military Academy in Columbia, South Carolina and from there he left in 1857. That's when the cadets presented him the sword... at the outbreak of the hostilities he was made 3rd in command of the troops of the Carolinas... Tew dies at the battle of Antietam with the sword on him... The sword eventually winds up in Norwalk, Ohio via a family connection through the Sutter family to the Blythe family. Eventually a descendant of the Blythe family, Emilia Blythe, arrives in Ottawa in 1960 and she gives the sword to her distant cousin, the CO of the 703 signal regiment in Ottawa. This month, the sword is being returned to The Citadel. The Citadel was gob smacked when they were told we had the sword because people have been searching for it for 160 years.
Broadcast on: CBC Canada Radio
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September 4, 2015
2. Austrian economics to be explained
Voice for Liberty presents Richard M. Ebeling, Ph.D. for an informative breakfast event. Ebeling is BB&T Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Free Enterprise Leadership at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. His topic will be "An Introduction to Austrian Economics." This meeting is Thursday September 10, 2015, from 7:30 am to 9:00 am. It will be at the Petroleum Club, 9th floor of the Ruffin Building at 100 N. Broadway in Wichita. The cost is $15, which includes a delicious breakfast. RSVP is not required.
Published in: Wichita Liberty
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September 4, 2015
3a. Citadel football to honor Emanel AME 9
We've seen the outpouring of support from across the state and the country in the months following the deadly shooting at Emanuel AME. This season our state college football teams are supporting the Emanuel nine on their helmets. Charleston Southern University, the University of South Carolina and The Citadel are among teams that will be wearing a decal with "E9" on their helmets as a way to honor the Emanuel nine.
Broadcast on: WCSC-TV Charleston, SC
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September 4, 2015
3b. For The Citadel, getting Cam Jackson the ball will be key
On Cam Jackson's first day of high school football, the coaches asked for a show of hands - who wants to play what position? "About five guys said they wanted to play running back, and about five guys said they wanted to play linebacker," said Jackson, who had grown up in Mobile, Ala., playing those positions. "But only one guy raised his hand for quarterback. So I said, 'Uh, quarterback, I guess.'" Citadel coaches asked Jackson to raise his hand to play quarterback again in preseason practice, competing with sophomore Dominique Allen for the starting job. For the 6-2, 197-pound Jackson, it was something of a no-lose proposition - if he didn't beat out Allen for the QB job, Jackson knew he'd start at slotback, where he had a breakout season in 2014.
Published in: The Post and Courier
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September 4, 2015
4. A Look Back at the Bucs: ETSU beats Citadel 16-13 in final game
Talk about a storybook ending. Eighty years of football at East Tennessee State came down to mere seconds, and Jonathan Godfrey made them count. Godfrey's 22-yard field goal with two seconds left Saturday gave the Bucs an emotional 16-13 victory over The Citadel at Memorial Center in the final game of the ETSU football program. "It was great to see everyone smile one last time," said Godfrey, a Johnson City native. "We'll remember this for the rest of our lives. Just knowing that last kick that went through the uprights was the end of 80 years of football at ETSU. With that kick we split up as brothers, but we'll always remember each other in our hearts." Tailback Gaven Varner rushed for 197 yards on 37 carries, and quarterback Carl Meadows threw for 162 yards as the Bucs overcame five fumbles to close their final season with a two-game winning streak. Budget cuts and an athletic department deficit caused the school to eliminate football after this season, so the Bucs knew what was coming and when it would happen. But first they had to take care of a little business, and beating The Citadel was all they had left.
Published in: Johnson City Press
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September 4, 2015
5. Women's Soccer Heads to South Carolina for Charleston Cup
The Fordham women's soccer team makes their first-ever trip to the Palmetto State this weekend, as the Rams participate in the Charleston Cup in South Carolina. Fordham will take on The Citadel on Friday with a Sunday showdown with the College of Charleston.
Published in:
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September 4, 2015
6. Game Day ready: Best bets for fall football watching
These days, dedicated sports fans have come to expect more from their favorite game day watering holes than buckets of cheap lagers, baskets of generic fried bar food and a few loud big screens showing game action. While there's no shortage of old-school sports bars in every region of the Lowcountry these days, there's a growing number of independent, multifaceted, neighborhood-oriented hangouts that offer more to fans. Football fanatics around the Charleston area tend to simultaneously follow several professional teams and more than a few regional college teams, like the USC Gamecocks, the Clemson Tigers, The Citadel Bulldogs and teams from North Carolina and Georgia, and they prefer a casual, and civil, atmosphere with affordable, high-quality fare and better-than-decent drink menus.
Published in: The Post and Courier
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September 4, 2015
7. Improvement letting Eagles take flight
Chapin's Logan Bailey admits he was a work in progress as a quarterback last season. The senior was a running back before making the transition to quarterback on the B Team as a freshman and then on junior varsity as a sophomore. He still had a tendency to run first and pass second last season. But after a summer of working in various camps and with a host of talented receivers on the Eagles, Bailey has made bigger strides on and off the field as a passer. "Early on, there were a lot of people saying they didn't think I could pass and all I could do is run," Bailey said. "I took different things from each camp I attended. I went to The Citadel, Wingate and a few others to find out what I needed to work on and what my strengths and weaknesses are. I think my biggest improvement has been throwing the ball."
Published in: The State
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September 4, 2015
8. Nearly year later, VMI won't release Elmores, who left to care for grandfather
Nearly a year after leaving Virginia Military Institute to care for their ailing grandfather, basketball players Jon and Ot Elmore still haven't received their release from the school. The Elmore brothers, who never played a game for VMI, told ESPN that they returned home to Charleston, West Virginia, and took turns sleeping on a couch to tend to their grandfather, Otmer Elmore - who died months later from cancer. "He basically raised us," said Ot Elmore, who was named after his grandfather. Jon Elmore eventually enrolled at Marshall in nearby Huntington, West Virginia, paying his own way and practicing with the team in the second semester. Ot Elmore chose to attend Texas Rio Grande Valley, where he also paid his own way the second semester and, like his brother, will have to do the same for the first semester of the 2015-16 year. VMI's head coach at the time, Duggar Baucom, left after last season to become the head coach at the Citadel.
Published in: KFSN-TV
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September 4, 2015
9. The two Carolinas kick off the season fighting for their lives
What's at stake for South Carolina: Beating two ACC Coastal also - rans in a row - South Carolina eeked out a 24-21 win over Miami in the Independence Bowl - would be an important first step toward demonstrating that the Gamecocks are ready to be relevant in the SEC East again. The Tar Heels could end up being the most well-rounded offense South Carolina faces until an Oct. 31 trip to College Station. If SC can slow down Marquise Williams and the Tar Heel attack, it might be a sign that new defensive coordinator Jon Hoke and a handful of JUCO transfers will prove to be an effective tourniquet for a Gamecock defense that was last seen passed out on the kitchen floor, gushing blood from multiple wounds it didn't remember suffering. Then, there's the practical mathematics of South Carolina needing six wins to get to a bowl. There aren't a lot of games on South Carolina's schedule that you look at and think, "Yeah, they should win that." Go ahead and pencil in Ws next to Vanderbilt and The Citadel. But who's the next-worst team on the schedule? UCF? Florida? Kentucky? Anybody stepping forward to throw serious money down on South Carolina winning any of those games?
Published in:
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September 3, 2015
1a. Charleston RiverDogs (and Bill Murray) gave away a car... with 285,000 miles on it
The Charleston RiverDogs are the Single-A affiliate for the New York Yankees, and they happen to be partially owned by Bill Murray (aka the "Director of Fun"). To celebrate their record attendance of 285,000 fans this season, the RiverDogs gave away a car. But not just any car... a 1998 Honda Civic with 285,000 miles on it. The winner of the car was Kyle Busbee, a cadet at The Citadel. He won the vehicle by entering a free raffle. The best part? Busbee didn't have a car before winning the Civic. When he heard his ticket number called, he got to stick his head out of the sunroof and take a ride around the field.
Published in: ESPN
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September 3, 2015
1b. Citadel cadet wins new, old car in RiverDogs giveaway
Kyle Busbee was in the market for a new car. After wrecking his car over the summer, Busbee had been searching for a new mode of transportation for a few weeks. When Busbee discovered that the Charleston RiverDogs were giving away a car at Tuesday night's game against the Asheville Tourists, The Citadel cadet jumped at the chance to win a vehicle. "I had put my name into a bunch of car raffles and finally won one!" Busbee said during an on-air interview with RiverDogs radio broadcaster Dan Acheson. "It's just what I needed to go visit my family and friends with in Spartanburg. I couldn't be more excited." The car that Busbee won isn't exactly new - it is a 1998 Honda Civic with 285,000 miles on it. The 285,000 figure was in recognition of the RiverDogs' new single-season attendance record of 287,647, which they set Tuesday night against Asheville, breaking the old mark of 284,718 set back in 2007.
Published in: The Post and Courier
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September 3, 2015
2. Gales Ferry student graduates from ROTC program
Cameron S. Pollard, of Gales Ferry, has been commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army after successfully completing the Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps program and graduating with a bachelor's degree from The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina.
Published in: Norwich Bulletin
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September 3, 2015
3. Water plant operator: Solid career move for those not suited for desk work
When you get thirsty you go to the tap, turn the faucet and pour a glass of water. It's a simple task. But do you know much about the person who ensures that the water makes it to your kitchen? Walt Beard, water plant facilities manager for the city of Sumter, is one of the many people who makes sure the area has clear, running water. Beard said he heard about a job as water plant operator with Sumter Public Works a few years ago from an instructor at Central Carolina Technical College. After studying chemistry at The Citadel in Charleston, he was interested in the position because it would allow him to put his science background to use. To become a water plant operator, Beard needed to pass a certification exam that consists of five levels as well as complete one year of on-the-job training.
Published in: The Sumter Item
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September 3, 2015
4. College football preview: SC teams poised for big things this season
Welcome to another season of college football! As teams across the country get ready to take the field for the first game of the season, ABC Sports 4's Scott Eisberg and Daren Stoltzfus take a look at teams in the Palmetto State. In downtown Charleston, The Citadel is experiencing its second season under Mike Houston. Again, the Bulldogs were picked to finish towards the bottom of the Southern Conference, but Houston says his team has no plans to follow through on that prediction. This year is about comfort. He's not teaching the playbook and his system as much. It's understood what he and the staff are looking to accomplish on the field. With Aaron Miller gone from under center, Dominique Allen will get the start, putting playmaker Cam Jackson on the field at the same time. That means the duo could break out some big yardage on teams not expecting much from the Dogs. In Orangeburg, another set of Bulldogs has dealt with an offseason of turmoil, but head coach Buddy Pough is hoping talks of disbanding the team, shutting down the university, and the lingering financial struggles at SC State will be a steadying force.
Published in: WCIV-TV Charleston, SC
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September 3, 2015
5. Coastal Carolina moving to the Sun Belt
The state of South Carolina now has three teams bidding for bowl berths. Coastal Carolina University will move up to the NCAA Division I Bowl Subdivision and join the Sun Belt Conference, school president David A. DeCenzo announced Tuesday. DeCenzo said the Chanticleers will officially move to the Sun Belt on July 1, 2016. However, the football program will not transition into the league until 2017. CCU will be eligible to compete for a Sun Belt championship that year but will not earn full Bowl Subdivision (FBS) status - and clearance to compete in a bowl - until 2018. Clemson, a member of the ACC, and South Carolina, a member of the SEC, have aimed to schedule one of these Group of Five teams each season to balance their non-conference slate. Clemson and Carolina also schedule at least one game against an in-state FCS team, such as Wofford, Furman, The Citadel and South Carolina State.
Published in: Greenville Online
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September 3, 2015
6. Cincy, Davidson, USC, Pitt on WCU basketball schedule
An ambitious early schedule that includes games at Cincinnati, South Carolina, Davidson and Pittsburgh before Christmas highlight the Western Carolina men's basketball schedule released Wednesday. Western Carolina will travel to Chattanooga on Jan. 14 and then head southwest to Birmingham, Ala., for a game against Samford on Jan. 16. The Citadel and Mercer come calling the following week as the Catamounts host the Bulldogs on Jan. 21 and the Bears on Jan. 23. The Catamounts close out January with a pair of road games at Furman on Jan. 28 and Wofford on Jan. 30. February begins on the road as well as WCU travels to UNCG on Feb. 4 and VMI on Feb. 6. Chattanooga and Samford will travel to Cullowhee on Feb. 11 and 13, respectively, for a pair of SoCon match-ups. The Catamounts final three road games will take place at ETSU (2/15), Mercer (2/18) and The Citadel (2/20).
Published in: Citizen-Times
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September 3, 2015
7. Bohannon calls out to few experienced players to lead Owls into opening game
Kennesaw State quarterback Trey White has yet to play a college football game, but he may be one of the main reasons why the Owls could have a good chance of earning their first victory. Kennesaw State will look toward the few players it has with past college experience when it kicks off its inaugural season tonight at East Tennessee State. It will be players like White, a transfer from The Citadel, former Central Florida running back Micah Reed and wide receiver P.J. Stone, a former Sprayberry High School standout who transferred from Eastern Kentucky, who could be the difference in the game. It's because they've been on a college sideline before. I try to lead by example, said the 22-year-old White, who red-shirted as a freshman at The Citadel in 2012 before leaving the South Carolina military college.
Published in: Cherokee Tribune
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September 2, 2015
1. Upcoming news from The Citadel - September 2015
Upcoming news for The Citadel includes the following stories: U.S. Army Captain Dan Eggers remembered with permanent classroom dedication, American Warlords author Jonathan W. Jordan to speak at Daniel Library, Meet The Citadel's new provost on live TV during the Goose Creek vs. Summerville game, Veterans Portrait Project, Meet and learn from national intelligence and homeland security experts, Lost sword of first graduate to be returned to The Citadel and The Art of the Fly.
Published in:
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September 2, 2015
2. Ottawa regiment sends 'priceless' Civil War sword home
An Ottawa-based military regiment will return a Civil War sword and scabbard belonging to a famous Confederate officer to the military academy where he studied and worked in the mid-19th century. The sword, belonging to Col. Charles C. Tew, has been "missing" for 153 years since the Battle of Antietam in 1862. Tew was killed in that battle and his sword was taken as a trophy from the battlefield by a Canadian serving with the Union Army. About 40,000 Canadians served with the Union during the U.S. Civil War, which ended 150 years ago. The sword will be handed back to The Citadel in a ceremony on Sept. 18, said Michael Martin, chairman of the charitable arm of 33 Signal Regiment, an organization that dates back to 1913. The sword was given to Tew by his students at the Arsenal Academy, a prep school he founded that serves as an entry point to The Citadel, Martin says.
Published in: Ottawa Citizen
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September 2, 2015
3. RiverDogs send Tourists packing, set new attendance mark
The Charleston RiverDogs walked off with a 4-3 victory over the Asheville Tourists after a wild bottom of the ninth inning in front of 4,485 fans Tuesday night at Riley Park. Tuesday was Citadel Cadet Night at The Joe. Many cadets and alumni were in attendance, as well as the Summerall Guards who put on an incredible pregame performance in the outfield. The Cadet Chorale sang a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem, and the Regimental Commander threw out a ceremonial first pitch. Citadel Cadet Kyle Busbee of Spartanburg went home a lucky winner of a 1998 Honda Civic. The car has 285,000 miles on it and was the grand prize of a fan raffle in honor of the RiverDogs breaking the 285,000 mark in attendance this season.
Published in: The Post and Courier
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September 2, 2015
4. Citadel's Mike Houston: The winning is going to come
Nineteen months after he was hired as The Citadel's football coach, Mike Houston believes he's improved the talent and the toughness of the program. "Our talent has improved over what it was when I got here, as a whole," Houston said Tuesday at the first weekly news conference of his second season as the Bulldogs' coach. "I think the work ethic and the attitude is maybe a little more hard-nosed and tougher than when I got here, and our style of play is much more physical than when I got here." Citadel players agree with their coach's assessment. "It's a lot different, and in a lot of good ways," said senior offensive lineman Sam Frye. "These coaches push us real hard, and the whole team is a bunch of hard workers now. Everybody is expected to be tough and hard-nosed all the time, 110 percent." Now, Citadel coaches and players are eager to see their results match that progress in a way that last year's 5-7 overall mark (and 3-4 record in the Southern Conference) did not.
Published in: The Post and Courier
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September 2, 2015
5. The Citadel thinks it's close to more wins
The Citadel wasn't far from success a year ago. Three losses came by a total of nine points. Wofford stopped Aaron Miller on the goal line as the game ended to win by four. Samford won by three on a touchdown with 17 seconds left. A few plays in each game could have turned a 5-7 season (3-4 in the Southern Conference) into eight wins and a second-place conference finish. Preparations for the team's second season under coach Mike Houston have focused on better execution. "Our coaches have been working with us a lot," wide receiver Alex Glover said. "We're doing a lot of competition stuff so we can possibly win some of those close games that we dropped last year. If we can just do our job and execute everything, it will work itself out."
Published in: Greenville Online
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September 2, 2015
6. Gamecocks, Tigers and a sense of community
Football season is a special time of year for much of the country, giving countless families and friends a chance to gather each weekend at their homes, high school and college campuses or professional stadiums. They root on their favorite teams, of course, but they also spend quality time together, go on road trips, reconnect with their alma maters and feel that very specific type of civic pride that is often central to being a sports fan. It's more than a game, more than winning and losing. It's, in large part, about being part of a community. In South Carolina, college football reigns supreme. The Gamecocks and Clemson Tigers get most of the publicity, but schools like Wofford, Furman, The Citadel, Coastal Carolina, Charleston Southern and Presbyterian have sizable followings of their own. Some people are fans because they attended one of these schools, others are fans because their friends or family members did and others are fans simply because they are South Carolinians.
Published in: Bluffton Today
(view article) (no cache available)

September 2, 2015
7. Kennesaw State also has cause for excitement
The characters are different, but down in Kennesaw, Georgia, they're telling a similar story. Kennesaw State is experiencing the same excitement about having football on campus as East Tennessee State University. "Obviously there have been a lot of exciting times here at this university, but this is the one we have been shooting for," Kennesaw State coach Brian Bohannon said. "It's amazing the last 2 1/2 years, how fast this has gone by. It's really what we have been working toward, is this first game. I can't tell you how excited our kids are." The first game for each program is Thursday, when the Owls come to town to face ETSU at 7:30 p.m. inside Kermit Tipton Stadium. The Owls have an experienced quarterback in Trey White, a transfer from The Citadel. White, a junior, rush for 128 yards on 30 carries in the Owls' spring game.
Published in: Johnson City Press
(photo included) (view article) (no cache available)

September 2, 2015
8. Ready for Hoops: Blue Hose eye the court in November
15 home games, including against USC Upstate, The Citadel and Wofford, as well as road trips to Clemson, Richmond and Marquette, highlight the 2015-16 Presbyterian College men's basketball schedule released today (Sept. 1). "This is the best overall schedule that we have had since going Division I," said Head Coach Gregg Nibert. "We have 15 home games which is the most we've had, and we have an exciting non-conference schedule with Clemson at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena, Marquette and Richmond. Playing four Southern Conference games with Furman, The Citadel, VMI and Wofford in November is tremendous for us as well. This tough schedule will get us ready for the Big South conference games, and the tournament in early March in Conway." PC opens the season at home with an exhibition game against Mars Hill, Nov. 9, before heading up the road to Greenville to face Furman at Timmons Arena. The Blue Hose return home for three straight with USC Upstate Nov. 16, Toccoa Falls Nov. 18, and The Citadel Nov. 21. After a trek to former Big South rival VMI in Lexington, Va., Nov. 24, PC rounds out November with its fourth home game in 12 days, this one against Wofford Nov. 28.
Published in: The Clinton Chronicle
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September 2, 2015
9. SEU Releases Wrestling Schedule
Southeastern University's first foray into wrestling will occur on Nov. 1 at The Citadel Open in Charleston, S.C. First-year coach Javier Maldonado released a 12-match schedule on Tuesday afternoon as the Fire begin their inaugural season. "The Citadel Open is one of the best tournaments in the country that weekend, so it will give us a chance to make a good first impression," Maldonado said. Southeastern's first home match will be on Dec. 4 against South Florida. Before that match, Lake Gibson High School will face Kissimmee-Osceola High School in a dual match.
Published in: Lakeland Ledger
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September 1, 2015
1. Canadian regiment to return first Citadel graduate's Civil War sword

According to a spokesperson from the 33 Signal Regiment Foundation , a sword belonging to Col. Charles C. Tew was found in Ottawa and it will be returned to the military college after a ceremony commemorating the end of the war at the Antietam National Battlefield on September 16. "All of us at The Citadel are excited about the return of Colonel Tew's Sword," said Lieutenant Col. David Goble of The Citadel. "Colonel Tew was our first Honor Graduate and was accordingly our first person to ever receive a diploma from our institution.

Broadcast on: WCIV-TV 4 (Charleston) - website
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September 1, 2015
1.1 Ottawa Group Returns Civil War Sword Missing 153 Years to U.S.

A Civil War sword missing for 153 years since the Battle of Antietam in 1862  will be returned by the 33 Signal Regiment Foundation of Ottawa, the charitable arm of the 33 Signal Regiment of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, Canadian Army.  The sword was placed in the care of the 33 Signal Regiment in 1963 but was positively identified only recently as belonging to Col. Charles Courtenay Tew. Members of the Regiment worked very hard to unravel the mystery of the sword after it was “rediscovered.” 

Published in: The Digitel - website
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September 1, 2015
1.2 Upcoming News from The Citadel - September 2015

Read all about it here!

Published in: Citadel Newsroom - website
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