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22_Hillary dissed at The Citadel (not web accessible)

November 16, 2013
22_Hillary dissed at The Citadel (not web accessible)

It was a decidely partisan response at The Citadel last week when the Corps of Cadets uniformly applauded 2016 presidential contender Sen. Rand Paul’s shot at former U.S. senator and retired secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

During his 20-minute speech on U.S. defense priorities, Paul, R-Ky., repeated his oft-used punchline that Clinton, D-N.Y., should be precluded from running for high office as a result of the Obama administration’s handling of the Benghazi consulate affair.

The loud applause that followed surprised just about everyone gathered inside McAlister Field House, including Paul’s own traveling staff. Afterward, Paul tried to downplay the uproar.

“It was almost as loud as when they reacted to VMI,” Paul said, pointing to Saturday’s scheduled game against the Keydets that he made a reference to. “So I don’t think they like either one.”

Paul, though, did have to admit that the bulk of the cadets in attendance clearly lean to the right, politically.

“If I had to guess, they’re pretty conservative here at The Citadel,” he said.

This was Paul’s fourth trip to South Carolina this year.

Published in: The Post and Courier

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