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1_Retired general critical of Barack Obama

March 25, 2011
1_Retired general critical of Barack Obama

Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey didn't mince words Thursday when asked what he thought of the U.S. intervention in Libya.  "I think it was a mess. Hope is not a good system in either birth control or military operations. We're hoping that Gadhafi's inner ring kills him," said McCaffrey, who retired as a four-star general.  There are no vital U.S. security interests at stake in Libya, he said. "There's no risk to us except money and prestige." Although empathetic to the dilemma facing the Obama administration, McCaffrey, who spoke at The Citadel, said in an interview that there was moderate-to-low support in the international community for the military action.

Published in: The Post and Courier - web site
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