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Goals for the self study


In participating in the second cycle of NCAA certification, The Citadel seeks in general to determine how well our intercollegiate athletics program is functioning in upholding our mission of educating principled leaders.  We also want to insure that the program is operating according to the highest professional standards of governance and that our student-athletes are treated fairly and integrated completely with their classmates in the Corps of Cadets.  We look to improve communication across our campus and in the wider community about The Citadel’s athletic programs. 


A special focus of this Self Study will be the assessment of our women’s sports programs.  The time seems right for such a focus, given that 2006-07 marks the ten-year anniversary of The Citadel’s admission of women to the Corps of Cadets.

Constituent groups:
  - Cadets
  - CGPS students
  - Faculty
  - Staff
  - Alumni
  - Parents
  - Prospective students
  - Donors & Friends
  - General public
  - Legislators/elected officials/community leaders
  - Other schools

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