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General and Boo V
General (left) and Boo V (right)

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The General

General, who was born June 18, 2003, became the first live mascot to live on The Citadel campus since the 1950s. The mascot program was created by the Class of 2003, which wanted to leave a gift to the college. The class raised $1,000 toward the program's startup. General was donated in August 2003 by the late Hazel Groshon of James Island, S.C.

General comes from a long line of bulldog royalty. He is the nephew of UGA V, the former mascot for the University of Georgia. General's other relatives include the bulldog representatives for the United State Marine Corps and Mississippi State University. General was named by Corps of Cadets following a contest to find the best name.

A long line of Boos

Boo V was born on Sept. 30, 2003, and was donated by Citadel alumnus Fred Ducker, '63. He joins General as a member of the two-dog mascot team that attends special events, football games, parades and anything involving the Corps of Cadets. Boo V is named after Lt. Col. Thomas Nugent Courvoisie, a former commandant, and comes from a long line of Bulldogs that have been serving The Citadel for more than 15 years.

Where to find them

Mike Groshon
Mike Groshon
Boo's and General's main duty is to provide morale for the Corps of Cadets, faculty and staff and all of the Bulldog athletic teams. Other duties include barking at opposing teams, eating numerous dog biscuits throughout the day and being pampered by the cadets help take care of them while school is in session.

Both mascots are available upon request to attend Citadel-related events. The mascots are handled by Assistant Athletic Director Mike Groshon, who serves as their caretaker. Groshon is also responsible for overseeing the six-cadet dog handling team. The dog handlers can be identified by their red or blue polo hirts and khaki pants. During weekly parades, General and Boo can be found near the reviewing stands. Dr. John Bradford, '77, is donating veterinary care.

Mascot history

Many bulldogs have served as Citadel mascots over the years. To date research suggests past mascots have been personal pets of college supporters, alumni or employees. Boo V and General are owned by the college and the South Carolina Corps of Cadets.

How to help

Costs associated with the feeding and care of the mascots are privately funded from in-kind donations or monetary contributions. Drop off containers for cash donations are available in the Munnerlyn Snack Bar. You can also donate to the mascots' care by emailing Mike Groshon, or calling (843) 953-2161.

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