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Applied Physics
Atomic and quantum physics
Classical Mechanics
Elementary Particle Physics
General Physics
General Physics
History of Physics
History of Quantum Mechanics
International Linear Collider Project
NASA projects in education
Optics and Laser Optics
Physics at tthe Large Hadron Collider
Quantum Mechanics
Solar Physics
Space Physics/Cosmic Rays
The nature and the structure of science
Theoretical Physics
Professor of Physics
Professor of Physics and Department Head
Associate Professor of Physics
Assistant Professor of Physics
Assistant Professor of Physics
Assistant Professor of Physics

The experts guide is a resource provided to reporters looking for professors, faculty and staff with knowledge and expertise in subject matter topics. To arrange an interview, you can contact the individual directly, or you can contact The Citadel's Media Relations Coordinator for assistance at (843) 953-6779 or email

To begin your search, click a name in Expert Profiles or pick a subject area under Categories on the menu to the left.

For reporters: Occasionally people on our list of media resources are experts not by virtue of their affiliation with The Citadel, but through their personal interests and research, life experiences, or previous work experience. Please clarify when possible in your news stories and broadcasts when this is the case. Thank you.

For faculty: If you want to be listed here, please send an e-mail to containing your name, title, phone number, e-mail address, and areas of expertise, interest or knowledge.

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