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November 19, 2018
1. The Citadel has some fun on Twitter at No. 1 Alabama's expense after entering halftime tied
At halftime Saturday in Bryant-Denny Stadium, The Citadel and No. 1 Alabama were tied, 10-10. That's not a typo. The Bulldogs, members of the Division I Football Championship Subdivision and the Southern Conference, made the 500-mile trip from Charleston to Tuscaloosa and had the Tide on the ropes at home. Five different players ran the ball for The Citadel in the opening 30 minutes of play, including Dante Smith, who became the first player to score against Alabama in the month of November. The Bulldogs didn't throw a single pass in the first two quarters. Bulldogs players weren't the only ones having fun. The Citadel's Twitter account might be having the best performance of the day. After Alabama boasted about "No score November," The Citadel responded, and then took a shot at both Mississippi State and LSU. he Tide fumbled the kickoff to start the second half, and the Bulldogs failed to take the lead, missing a 45-yard field goal. Alabama marched 72 yards down the field, scoring in five plays to re-take the lead. If The Citadel is unable to keep it close, it was fun while it lasted.
Published in: USA Today - Online
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November 19, 2018
2. The Citadel is throwing shade at Alabama, LSU and Mississippi State as it battles the Tide
No. 1 Alabama isn't exactly taking care of business against The Citadel, and The Citadel's Twitter account is making sure that the whole world -- including a couple other SEC teams -- knows it. Dante Smith scored from 45 yards out in the second quarter to tie the game at seven and make Citadel the first team to score against the Crimson Tide since Tennessee did it on Oct. 20. The Crimson Tide shut out LSU and Mississippi State consecutively prior to Saturday's game vs. these Bulldogs. The Citadel made sure to point that out to LSU and MSU on Twitter. The Bulldogs had 150 rushing yards and didn't attempt a pass in the first half against the Crimson Tide. The Citadel Twitter account has been going strong all day. After winning the opening toss, it made sure to count that as a win.
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November 19, 2018
3. The guy behind The Citadel’s savage Twitter account explains the strategy
From his third-row seat in the Bryant-Denny Stadium press box, Parker King set the college football internet ablaze. He said he’s “just a graphic designer,” but King was the name behind The Citadel football team’s Twitter account that went viral during the 50-17 loss at Alabama. The regimented military school let its hair down Saturday in Tuscaloosa and the masses noticed. “It’s been pretty surreal,” King said after the game in the room just off from the small visitors’ locker room in Bryant-Denny Stadium. “We knew if our players came in here and performed the way we knew they could, we would have a small window of essentially going viral on Twitter. We had a good plan that if we performed, we’d be ready. And we’d be willing to take some shots at some people in the SEC.” They sure did. Their big tweet of the day followed a second-quarter touchdown that tied the score 7-7. It ended Alabama’s shutout streak that covered both the LSU and Mississippi State wins and King was well aware.
Published in: - Birmingham News - Online
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