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July 17, 2019
1. Citadel professor wins $1.6 million grant to anticipate social unrest
More than a year of hard work turned into a $1.6 million grant for a professor of computer science at The Citadel. Deepti Joshi, Ph.D., will serve as the principle investigator, or lead, for the project which is funded by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). The goal is to find a way to combine diverse types of data and use that information to anticipate social unrest events — such as strikes, riots, civil wars, coups, revolts or revolutions — in 19 strategically selected countries in Asia and Africa. Joshi and her team will spend the next five years working to integrate model-driven and data-driven frameworks to improve the understanding of the dynamics of social unrest and also to potentially help anticipate its onset. This is the second grant the NGA has awarded to Joshi. The first, for nearly $300,000, helped create the building blocks that will be used for her current project, like developing a social science-based model to identify long-term factors for social unrest, as well as developing a map-based visualizer called SURGE, short for Social Unrest Reconnaissance GazEtteer. The map is a work in progress, and new features will be added as more research is completed. Joshi also plans to add a feature that allows users to work with what-if scenarios.
Published in: The Citadel Today - Online
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July 17, 2019
2. Editorial: 75 years ago, the major of Saint-Lô
The Allied landings on the coast of Normandy on D-Day had been more than a month before. They had succeeded, to the extent that a great army had been put ashore and not pushed back into the English Channel. But it did not yet feel like a victory. The Allies were still pinned down, both by the Germans and the topography. The Americans had hoped to have the crossroads village of Saint-Lô — about 20 miles inland — under control within a day of the landings. Now it was mid-July and the Americans were still short of their first-day goal. The same was true all across the landing zone. D-Day had turned into “the battle of the hedgerows.” On June 21, one of those American soldiers finally had time to rest. Thomas Howie took his boots off for the first time since he’d come ashore 15 days earlier; sea salt was still encrusted in his socks. Howie was a balding, 36-year-old teacher from Staunton with a colorful past and a future he could never have known. Howie had grown up in Abbeville, South Carolina, and went on to both a storied academic and athletic career at The Citadel — class president, star football halfback, captain of the baseball team, voted “Most Versatile, Popular and Best All Around” by his classmates. He once led a student strike to protest poor food in the cafeteria — not the easiest thing to do at a military school. But Howie was not one to do the easy things.
Published in: The Roanoke Times - Online
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July 17, 2019
3. Commentary: Military training deaths deserve full investigation
My wife and I lost our only child May 9, H. Conor McDowell – just turned 24, a newly promoted Marine first lieutenant, days away from being engaged to marry his girlfriend, Kathleen Bourque. He was killed instantly when his light armored vehicle turned belly up, crushing him, as he led a patrol in challenging terrain at Camp Pendleton in San Diego County. Conor pushed his gunner to safety but did not have time to save himself. Conor is just one of too many young people who are dying, needlessly, in so-called training accidents in our military. Over the past year, nearly four times the number of troops have been in killed in training rather than in combat. Michael H.C. McDowell is a recent member of the advisory board of The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina.
Published in: Daily Republic - Online
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